Welcome to Onkar Toys!

Who are we?

We are a team of people passionate about toys and, in the spirit of the Onkar, we see it as our mission to guide you in your search for the best toys for your children and for you. You will enjoy our reviews and return to us for the best tips about buying the best toys. Quality is something we do not compromise about!


Why Onkar Toys?

Onkar Toys is our toy review site with a purpose! There is more to us than meets the eye and our name gives that away!
Onkar, in the Hindu and Buddhist religions, refers to the One who cannot withhold comparison, the balance of everything around us, the objective being. The Onkar is supposed to bring balance, to induce harmony so that everything works well.
There are ten laws of the Onkar which we follow with a purpose because being trustworthy is important to us.

The Laws of the Onkar and how our site reflects them


1. Protect life

Here, at Onkar toys, you are not going to find reviews about toys that encourage violence and pretend play that might involve death. We do not believe it is good for children to be raised believing that violence and killing are common aspects of life because, in our opinion, toys are supposed to make the world more beautiful, to help raise children who will bring good into this world.
As adults, we are already aware of the world and its flaws, this is why we also review non-violent toys for adults – toys that will provide an escape from daily existence and give you a feeling of wellbeing while keeping you entertained!


2. Honor other people’s property

We write reviews about toys, we do not sell them and in reviewing the toys we keep an objective mind – we present you with the best out there without being paid by one of the toy promoters to do it. In this way, we promote all the toys alike, depending on their features and quality. We always give credit to those who have created them. And our reviews are 100% original, too!


3. Respect other people

Our reviews are honest and polite. We do not search to offend in our work or mock the work of others. We focus on what is important for you and for us – providing you with valuable information in order to be able to make the best choices for you.


4. Be truthful

The internet roams with websites paid to promote one product or the other, while making all the others look bad, even if it involves presenting false information. Here, at Onkar Toys, we make it our purpose to be truthful and objective and always offer you the best quality in toys reviews.


5. Bring people together

Our purpose is to bring together the parents and toy fans with the best toys manufacturers, so that everybody will have their needs met!


6. Be gentle

We are not here to aggressively sell you something, we are here to present you with choices and show you the best that is out there.


7. Be meaningful

Quality in toys is our purpose and it reflects in all the reviews, comparisons and guides you will find on this site.


8. Be happy for the happiness of those around you

Succeeding in helping you choose what best satisfies your needs and wishes so that you are happy and content with your choice is what make us happy! Feel free to drop us comments about the products you bought following our reviews and if they were a good choice.


9. Be sorry for those who suffer

Violence and death are very present in our world nowadays but we believe children should not have to face them for as long as possible. This is why we do not promote harmful toys that may impact their psychic and development as future adults.
We also wish to inspire adults to choose the peaceful toys because they are the ones which encourage bonding and friendship. Harmony and friendship can thrive from peaceful play and adults should be the first to do it!


10. Be grateful

If we can help you make a good choice through are reviews, if you return to our site for guidance, then we are happy and grateful for our achievement.


Why choose Onkar Toys?

It is simple – our name is our statement and our contract. We are truly here to offer you trustworthy reviews about non-violent toys, so that when you make your choice, you will be satisfied that it is your best. When you are happy, we are happy!