The best large wooden dolls houses with furniture for children out there – for boys and girls alike?

The best large wooden dolls houses with furniture for children out there – for boys and girls alike?

A wooden dollhouse is the best choice when searching to buy a well crafted and good quality toy and it’s also the best choice if you wish your child to be entertained for a long period of time. There are many dollhouses out there, ranging from the very cheap, generally made for children, to the classical wooden ones for the collectors, which can very well be considered masterpieces. In between, there are unlimited possibilities just as, once you own your doll house, you can personalize it as you please!

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture
Though dollhouses were generally recognized as toys for girls, times are progressing and parents become inclined to buying them for boys, as well. This progress in thinking is also made possible by companies such as KidKraft, which manufactures such a toy with the features that would attract a boy.
KidKraft is, indeed, a company that manufactures the best large wooden dolls houses with furniture for children – both girls and boys. These large wooden doll houses are quite pricey but for a good reason – the quality of the material, the modern or classical design and the playability of these toys make them very attractive to the little ones. As such, we are going to evaluate together the best products that this company has to offer.

Large wooden dolls house for girls – the toy that never grows old!

Being made out of wood does not mean that a dollhouse need be old fashioned. Children, unlike collectors, lack the sense of historical importance – they live in the present and therefore, they tend to be very attracted by depictions of the world they live in.
In this purpose, KidKraft has blended the sturdiness of old fashioned materials with the modern design, coming up with two wonderfully modern and large wooden doll houses with furniture: the KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture and the KidKraft Girl’s Soho Townhouse with Furniture.

The classical style meets the modern!

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture

The KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture is a big wooden doll house counting 8 open space rooms and has 34 pieces of furniture and accessories, all with a classical, ageless sense, helping your child develop a taste for interior design.
Children tend to be very happy with this big wooden doll house especially because more than one child may play with it. No fighting between siblings also guarantees satisfied parents!

There is just one thing, though, that you must definitely consider when buying this wooden doll house – the size of this toy. If you lack room in your apartment or house, or if you have in mind placing this large wooden dolls house in a specific location, then you should take into consideration that it measures 52 x 14 x 53.5 inches and it can take two adults and around 2 hours to assembly it. Don’t feel discouraged – sturdiness is very important when kids are involved, right?


The KidKraft Girl’s Soho Townhouse with Furniture

A more modern alternative to the classical mansion, the KidKraft Girl’s Soho Townhouse with Furniture is a big wooden doll house with furniture that can be every little girl’s dream! This wooden doll house has 4 floors and comes with an elevator, a garage and 25 wooden pieces of furniture. It is also equipped with lights and realistic sounds and can be played with any type of dolls that your kids like – Barbie, Equestria Girls, Monster High – imagination is the limit.
KidKraft certainly delivers on quality and entertainment with these two large wooden doll houses more centered on the female audience. However, this toy company has also an alternative for little boys.
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Boys can play with their wooden dolls house, too!

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

Pretend play is important for the wellbeing of children as they grow up – it tends to help them develop their creativity as well as their confidence, while also refining social skills. As such, little boys should also be encouraged to play with wooden doll houses, toys suited for their interests, too.
KidKraft understood that little boys do not play the same as little girls – very early they are educated to be responsible and reliable and the majority of the toys available for them are centered on heroes.
As such, KidKraft came up with the alternative to the classical wooden doll house especially designed for boys: the KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set and the Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set 24 Pieces.

The Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set 24 Pieces is the wooden dolls house equivalent for boys, encouraging pretend play in a 4 stories high fire station/police station equipped with an elevator and a firefighter pole. The set also has a helicopter, a motorcycle, a firefighter and a policeman included – those to whom the little boys look at as their heroe. The set is also very realistic as it lights up and makes siren sounds.
Just like with the other wooden doll houses, this KidKraft creation can be very large for some homes, as well as hard to put together, therefore you should be sure you are well prepared for it when you bring it into your family!
Talking about large size, the KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set spreads over 3 floors and has 12 rooms to decorate with the 28 pieces of furniture, into a fire station and a police station ready for any challenge. Just like the previous play set, this one comes equipped with figurines and vehicles, but it is easier to store – it folds up and therefore, takes up less space. Assembly wise, however, it still takes up a little time, but, again, this is what you have to be ready for if you want to buy good quality!


Boys and girls both love their KidKraft wooden doll houses with furniture!

Families with a boy and a girl are now able to satisfy the needs of imaginative play for both their children since KidKraft provides large wooden doll houses with different themes so that everybody is happy and can play with what they like best!
Large wooden doll houses for children will never go out of fashion and, for sure, they will never become unavailable, especially because their sturdiness makes them one of the most long lasting toys which can even be passed along from one generation to the other. They are, for sure, the best option if you wish your child to be well entertained and your money well spent!


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