The modern dollhouse – between plastic and wood, fun all around

The modern dollhouse – between plastic and wood, fun all around

What do the parents like in a dollhouse?

The modern dollhouse is that dollhouse addressed to children playing with either Barbie dolls or American Girl dolls and it has, in the eyes of the parents, a few prerequisites:

  1. It has to look good in order to be entertaining
  2. It must come packed with furniture in order to avoid the complications of having to search for it individually
  3. It must be large enough to fit the child’s favorite doll, so that it would have a house of its own
  4. Multiple children should bee able to play together, preferably
  5. It must be sturdy, to last at least through one child’s childhood, so that the money is well spend.

All these features are more or less present among the high end modern dollhouses available out there and among these we are going to present you with both wooden and plastic.

1. The KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse with Furniture is a ten rooms wooden modern dollhouse which comes packed with furniture. It has 45 modern wooden pieces of furniture, some of them rare for the average modern dollhouse: a bunk bed, a washer and dryer and even a blackboard.
It has lively colored wallpaper and it is fit for 12’’ dolls such as Barbie. Little girls are sure to love it!

2. Another modern dollhouse fit for Barbie, again from the best wooden dollhouse manufacturer, the KidKraft Glamorous Dollhouse is a very modern dollhouse which comes with classy accessories such as a chandelier, a gliding elevator connecting the first and the second floors, as well as 14 pieces of modern furniture. This is certainly the modern dollhouse for an uptown girl!

3. Finally a Barbie creation for Barbie, the Barbie Dreamhouse is a modern dollhouse made in plastic, with 3 floors and counting 7 rooms and more than 70 accessories which are sure to keep any little girl entertained.
This dollhouse has a classic, yet modern dollhouse design, with a first floor entryway, an atrium window which can be flipped down to convert in a swimming pool and a built-in garage. In addition, it is also interactive – you can plug in your own smartphone in the flat screen slot and play videos for your Barbie, just like real TV! There are also realistic sounds and visual effects, such as lighting, movement of the fish in the aquarium and bubble sounds!
This is Barbie’s ultimate home, the modern dollhouse that any little girl dreams about!

4. The American Girl Doll owner will, for sure, wish to make a home for the doll in the Sweet Bungalow Dollhouse by My Girl’s Dollhouse, a modern dollhouse built out of sturdy, high quality, pine wood, sure to last through your girl’s childhood. This modern dollhouse may not have as many rooms as the ones fit for Barbie, but the four existent and the attic make enough room for multiple children to engage in pretend play for hours! It does not come with furniture, but it is sweetly decorated and leaves room for creativity and the freedom of choosing the furniture and the design your child wishes to imprint on this wonderful confection.

What determines the choice of a dollhouse?

Having looked at all these modern dollhouses fit for your children’s favorite toys, it is easy to notice that, though a historical piece of craftsmanship, the dollhouse has evolved with time, mirroring the modern days and trends, providing children with the necessary environment to be able to let their imagination free, while also acquiring new social skills through pretend play.
Moreover, it is also obvious that the success of a modern dollhouse is determined by the level of detail that the manufacturer has given his product- the more interactivity, the more the modern dollhouse is a replica of the large scale homes we live in nowadays, the likely children are to feel attracted to playing with it.

Does the material matter?

The material – wood or plastic- is not necessarily determinant for the rate of success of such a toy, though each manufacturer tends to have it’s specificity – those who focus on wood create classical modern dollhouses with less interactive features, but with very well shaped furniture and with a sturdy consistency. The plastic dollhouses tend to be less sturdy but more equipped with furniture and small accessories, as well as with the realistic features to which little children are attracted.

In the end, it is just a matter of personal choice!

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