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If the Victorian dollhouse is that toy for girls that never ages and will always be entertaining and fun, the equivalent for boys would be the toy train!
Toy trains have appeared together with the toy dollhouse in the 19th century, once the needs of children began being given special attention. A toy industry soon developed and nowadays we can enjoy the wonderful toys which we can find.

Why Lego trains?

Lego trains first appeared in 1966 and from the beginning they succeeded in attracting not only the children, but also the adults. To this day, Lego has produced a total of 7867 train sets and has introduced characters such as Conductor Charlie and Engineer Max.
Why are Lego trains fun? Here we have a few reasons for you:

  • They are interactive – you get to build them piece by piece first, and only then set them on the tracks
  • Endless world building resources – the train is not the end of it – you can use all your other Lego pieces to build an entire Lego world around your train
  • They are durable – a Lego train does not break when the toddler manhandles it. A Lego train will be rebuilt!
  • They have special effects – Lego likes to blend technology in their toys, so the final experience is not dull. Lego toys are not static, especially the high end Lego city high speed passenger trains

What Lego train to pick?

You will find here the list of our top picks in term of Lego City high speed passenger train at the best price for the best quality:

1. LEGO City Passenger Train 7938

This Lego city high speed passenger train is an attractively designed, modern passenger train which features 2 engines with opening control rooms, a passenger car with an opening roof and place for 6 passengers. It also comes with 3 figurines – the driver and 2 passengers.
The set includes a Power Functions battery box, a motor, an infrared receiver and an 8-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control that can control up to 8 different trains simultaneously.
The circle for the track is made out of 16 curved tracks and 16 flexible tracks. Pay attention, when buying it, these tracks are not compatible with the Lego 9V trains!

2. LegoTM Horizon Express Train

This 3-car high speed passenger train represents the Lego interpretation of the modern, high-speed passenger train and it is completely playable. Unlike the previous train presented, this one does not include the Lego Power Functions accessories, they need to be bought separately.
What makes this a top pick, then? Well, it’s a collectible, very rare orange brick train and it astounds by its attention to the details – it’s interior replicates very well the true life modern passenger trains.

3. LEGO City Train Starter Set

This Starter Set is the best option for you if you are just getting into Lego Train collecting or if you want to buy a great value toy for your child.

This is a set that includes everything needed for countless hours of play: the 31.5″ long train with engine and 2 passenger cars, a complete track layout, this time also compatible with the Lego 9V trains, working lights and horn for realistic play and an infrared remote control which makes the train work at 3 speeds.

Though this train has all it needs to work on the round track available, if you want to enhance the play, you could consider purchasing more track made available by Lego in separate packages. In this way you can use your other Lego toys to build an entire world around your train set!

4. LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train

History is not disregarded by Lego and for good reason, too! Toy train collectors of all ages are attracted to historical trains because there’s something special about them! This LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train does a great job helping you transfer your passion for history in the Lego World!
This classical may not be a Lego city high speed passenger train, but it is a styled passenger train with a steam locomotive with furnace, authentic and rare colors large train wheels with piston motion to create a realistic feeling.
This is also a collectible, a model train and it does not come with Lego Power Functions, but you can add them if you buy them separately. Imagine what a great play that would make? Seeing this classical train in motion!


What to pick?

We’ve presented you four Lego city passenger train best price toys, but what you pick is your choice. Keep this in mind, however – know very well what you are searching for! If you are a collector, content with building and looking at a model train, then you could buy one of the Lego Creator ones we have listed. If you, however, are searching for an entertaining train set to play with your children, they would be more attracted by one the Lego city high speed passenger train sets presented, due to their interactivity.

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